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In my capacity as national representative of the Union Boxing Federation I welcome you all.  Of course you are wondering what the UBF is, and how it is different from other boxing organisations.

UBF was inaugurated some years ago in Thailand as an amateur and professional body.  This was due partly to the fact that amateur boxing competition was not available to many participants, in fact boxers were taken from Muay Thai gyms to compete in prestigious tournaments including the Asian games and the Olympic Games. On the professional arena tournaments were infrequent and many boxers had to compete abroad to get recognition.

UBF-UK is leading the way for boxers to compete on our prestigious ‘Sport Boxing’ shows around the country. We use the term Sport Boxing because firstly boxing is a sport and secondly we wish to distance ourselves from the known terms White Collar, Unlicensed, semi pro or pro am. We are none of those.

UBF is a channel for those boxers who wish for more. Many are novices and others have experience on the white collar circuit. We can offer so much more. Every year we have a European championships and a world championships. Who wouldn’t want to own those amazing belts. UBF is open to everyone, we have a junior section beginning age 8, a senior section age 18+ and masters section for the more senior boxers 40+ years.

UBF is a new opportunity to box at a level to suit your abilities.

Join the revolution and begin a brand new journey. I look forward to meeting you in person soon.